Strength in conceptualisation

Does production flow too slowly in your company? Are obstacles reducing your company’s output?

Revimaxx’s customised solution is guaranteed to meet your need thanks to its analytically strong engineers. No matter how complex, you define the objective and Revimaxx designs and implements the solution that increases your output!

The future belongs to decision makers. Revimaxx’s strong ambition focuses on revolutionising XXL mechanical engineering.

Fired up by

CEO Johan Van Meenen (centre),

engineering project manager Roeland De Vriese (left) and workshop manager Toon de Rocker (right), the Revimaxx team put their shoulders to the wheel every workday to achieve this goal.

Maximum dimensions

You can count on us because we have a Revimaxx workshop with a load capacity of 10 tonnes per square metre. No machine is too big, no job too tough. There are countless customisation options, no restrictions on dimensions and we finish products to the narrowest tolerances.

The work methods we use include turning and milling, boring, sawing, welding, blasting and spraying.



from the initial start of carefree production

We know what we are capable of, but do you? At Revimaxx, we love challenges. No project is too crazy, no machine too big, no part too complex! You name it, we'll make it!

With our years of expertise as a much-needed baggage, we offer guidance along every facet of mechanical engineering, from the initial start-up to Carefree Production.

Six small steps towards huge success

Let’s discuss your needs. What are your objectives and targets? And also… what obstacles prevent you from achieving your ambitious idea? We can certainly help you!


We consult with you closely and look for the optimal answer to your need based on our years of experience in mechanical engineering.


We draw up an initial machine concept according to your requirements and the European Machinery Directive.


Once agreed, we manufacture your customised machine from start to finish.


Once the machine is ready, Revimaxx then ensures it is seamlessly integrated into your production environment.


After delivery, we provide your operators with the necessary training to ensure you have production autonomy.