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Revimaxx designs everything down to the smallest detail to create the perfect machine… no matter how large! And by doing so, we can guarantee production continuity for companies like yours.

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Never standard, always unique

Looking for a specific solution to a specific problem? Is your freedom of movement limited? Or are the ergonomics or safety of your staff compromised? Revimaxx can handle it! Years of experience mean we can work out a solution with you better than any other company on the market. We may even surprise you with our solutions!

Frequently large, always precise

Anyone entering the Revimaxx workshop will agree… we manufacture huge quantities of components. But make no mistake. Size does not mean we compromise on tolerances. At Revimaxx, our machining is cutting edge regardless of the dimensions of the end product. So if you need a large meticulously precise part, you’ve come to the right place!

The sillier, the better.

We know the quality of our work… want to find out just how good it is? At Revimaxx, we love challenges. No project is too wild, no machine too big, no part too complex. You name it, we’ll make it! Our years of expertise do not weigh us down. On the contrary, we can advise on every facet of mechanical engineering from the initial concept to worry-free manufacturing.

Overhaul extends machine lifespan

We embrace the sustainability mindset by giving machines a longer useful life. Even though a machine may seem at the end of its useful life – it is a bit slower, the controls are outdated – they are often still in mechanically tip-top shape. Revimaxx strives to restore machines with an extensive overhaul and give them a second life. Or a third, fourth, or … ? How long can it have a useful life? We are here for you!

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Case #2466

The complete overhaul of a gearbox for arcelormittal

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Revimaxx can carry out overhauls that are neither small nor simple as proven by two gigantic parts of an equally impr ...

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Case #783

Regular overhaul of a winding machine for hot-rolled steel

c-frame DSC00405_GAG

It will not surprise many that there are no optimal conditions for rotating equipment and other process components in ...

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News #1

New vertical multitasking machine


Revimaxx focuses on size, both in terms of the components and machinery it develops and its sales ambition. To furthe ...

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News #2

How revimaxx produces large workpieces with ultra precision


The Revimaxx workshop makes extensive use of boring as a form of machining. Our machine operators do so using a mediu ...

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The great atmosphere and a good dose of work pride mean that no one wants to leave here

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