The potency of engineering


Our strength lies in conceptualisation. Is your idea abstract? Or highly delineated? Our engineering department will brainstorm with you and transform your ambitious idea into a perfect customised solution that meets your needs and wishes.

We zijn veel meer dan een ingenieursbureau. We ontfermen ons immers over het hele traject, van engineering tot implementatie.

Achieving the optimum solution usually entails the following phases:

A detailed conceptual phase

The detailed conceptual phase takes several consultations and ensures the concept fully reflects your expectations.

3D design phase

In the 3D design phase, we take the concept and make the machine design more tangible using AutoDesk Inventor. After our engineering department creates a visualisation of the machine, they can immediately determine whether further design optimisations are possible.

They take the actual situation of an existing machine fully into account, which ensures the customised final solution seamlessly integrates into that machine.

Detail phase

The detail phase meticulously converts the 3D design into 2D detailed plans. Every component and subassembly of the complete machine is shown in detail.

Technical construction file

Revimaxx provides customised solutions and not off-the-shelf machines. So, as standard, we always provide our customers with a technical construction file that details all components. This means you are not ‘locked in’ to a single vendor. Our technical construction file allows you to retain the embedded knowledge and thus your freedom of choice.

Concrete questions about


Don't get stuck with your questions or concerns. We will answer them with pleasure, knowledge and expertise!

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