New vertical multitasking machine

Revimaxx focuses on size, both in terms of the components and machinery it develops and its sales ambition. To further drive this growth, Revimaxx recently invested in new milling machinery. We opted for a vertical Mazak Integrex e-1250V 8S. This was in addition to the five-axis Integrex e-670 rotary milling combination we already had from the same manufacturer.

New Mazak Integrex e-1250V 8S

The new high-performance turning-milling combination means Revimaxx can machine workpieces up to a maximum diameter of 1,500 mm with heights of 1,600 mm.

The machine’s milling head is the same as that of the earlier e-670 combi-machine and the controls are also almost identical. The renowned machine builder hopes this investment will further strengthen its ambitious growth objectives.

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