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Insulation manufacturer knauf insulation relies on Revimaxx expertise

For laymen, glass wool production is perhaps best compared to candyfloss. In both cases, fibres are blown off in a certain direction to form an airy whole. And in both cases, clumps are better avoided. With insulation, the goal is to assemble as homogeneous a product as possible composed of numerous minuscule air compartments. The result should provide the lowest possible Lambda value (λ). Such a precondition seemed impossible to achieve with clumps in the mats.

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The risk of clumps in insulation mats

This problem led insulation manufacturer Knauf Insulation to enlist the help of Revimaxx. In addition, when producing the glass wool, they wanted to prevent fibres from adhering to the conveyor which over time under the influence of gravity makes that the fibres fall onto the final insulation mats.

Front Moving Wall with wash-down installation

To prevent the adherence phenomenon, Revimaxx’s engineering department came up with the Front Moving Wall with wash-down installation. ‘In this machine, a conveyor rotates constantly,’ explained Johan Van Meenen. ‘If any pieces stick, they are disposed of immediately while a washing system along the back of the installation ensures that the conveyor can reappear clean again along the front.’

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Factory Acceptance Test

Revimaxx provided a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) upon completing the entire machine. ‘That’s what Revimaxx always does,’ echoed the satisfied customer. ’That test allows us to provide feedback about any needed adjustments. Revimaxx only gives the green light to deliver it to us when the entire installation as well as the tests are approved.’

A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) allowed us to provide feedback. Revimaxx only gives the green light to deliver a machine when the installation and tests have gone well.

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Potential uses by other manufacturers

The concept has now been nicely repeated three times for the customer. ‘The first version was installed at the Knauf factory in Bernburg, Germany, a second in Krupka, Czech Republic, and the most recent machine was installed at the Belgian plant in Visé.’ So, the innovative machine concept has proven its added value in triplicate with the insulation manufacturer. Furthermore, the Front Moving Wall also opens up the potential use by other manufacturers facing similar problems.

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